5 essential pregnancy tips for you

Pregnancy is a delicate time in your life, for more reasons than one. We present 5 important pregnancy tips to take on board.

Pregnancy is a magical time in the life of a woman, but it is also a time to maintain strict hygiene and safety. Here are 5 important pregnancy tips to take on board:

1 Wear sanitised clothes. Pregnancy brings about many hormonal changes. You will notice an uptick in perspiration and even increased vaginal discharge. Make sure that you wash your clothes separately after soaking in an antibacterial liquid for about 30 minutes. Sanitising your clothes will remove all traces of sweat and bacteria. It is wiser to wear light cotton clothing that does not cling to the skin and allows sweat to evaporate quickly.

2 Get your dental health checked ASAP. Dental infections during pregnancy can cause severe problems, because your dentist cannot recommend scans and X-rays while you are carrying a child. Even treatments like root canal are not recommended, since these are accompanied by painkilling tablets that might harm the foetus. This is an important pregnancy tip: Get a thorough dental check-up done as soon as you realise that you are pregnant, and have your Ob-gyn look over the proposed dental treatment (if any is required) before giving you the go-ahead for it. If the treatment can wait, then it should.

3 Avoid douching at all costs. As mentioned above, you might experience increased vaginal secretions during pregnancy. But you should not douche during this time. Get a doctor-prescribed vaginal wash and use it once daily before the shower. Also, you should use a mild antibacterial body wash during your shower, which can restore the pH balance in the vaginal area. Keep your diet free of sweet and sour foods: these trigger yeast infections that can cause discomfort. Keep infections away by washing your underwear separately after soaking in antiseptic liquid.

4 Keep away from dust and anything that can trigger an allergy. If you suffer from even the slightest illness or discomfort during your pregnancy, then it has an immediate effect on your unborn child. Avoid all the potential situations, food and places that can trigger allergies. You will experience a heightened sense of smell during your pregnancy, causing you to gag with strong smells and the taste of certain foods. This is an important pregnancy tip: Do not ignore excess vomiting or nausea even in the second trimester. You must consult your doctor at once.

5 Use rubber mats to avoid slipping and falling.As the days pass, your body will become heavier as the baby’s size and weight grows. Your walk and gait will also change, and you might find it difficult to see the ground beyond your protruding belly! It is important to keep yourself safe from slipping and falling on wet or glossy surfaces. Protect yourself by installing rubber matting on glossy floor surfaces, and always wear rubber-soled shoes with a good grip.