Choosing the Right Wig for Your Face Shape

Whether you are wearing a wig to cover hair loss or just enjoy being able to change up your style on a whim, getting the right wig for your face shape is not always as easy as you might think. In much the same way as the wrong choice of haircut, the wrong shape or style of wig for your face could end up attracting attention for all the wrong reasons.

There are several different types of face shape out there and while most types of wigs might look okay on a particular shape, others will look fantastic and help to highlight the better features of that face shape.

In this article, we will explore the different face shapes and let you know what we feel are the best type of wigs for them.

  • Oval Face Shape – This type of face shape is the easiest to find a wig for as it allows for a good variety of them that suit it. Whether you want to wear women’s or men’s wigs that are long, short, straight or wavy, the oval face shape will let you get away with it easily.
  • Round Face Shape – The best type of wigs for those of you that have a round shaped face is those that offer plenty of volumes. Full hair with some good length always works well with a round face but short cropped hairstyles should be avoided.
  • Oblong Face Shape – if you have a long face, it is best to stick to short-to-medium length hairstyles rather than anything too long. Long hair can make the face look longer than it already is, so try to find something a little shorter.
  • Heart Face Shape – This face shape is one that looks like in a heart in the sense that the forehead is wide while the chin and the bottom of the face are much slimmer. The best men’s wigs UK that suit this type of face is that of a fringe as it helps to make the forehead look narrower.
  • Square Face Shape – If you have a jawline and forehead that are both a similar width, you have what is known as a square-shaped face. This face shape is suitable for numerous styles of wigs whether a short bob or those that offer a shoulder length cut.
  • Diamond Face Shape – The best type of wigs for anyone that has a diamond-shaped faced is that of shorter wigs as they help to emphasise the wonderful cheekbones that most people have with this face shape.
  • Pear Face Shape – If your jawline is wider than that of your forehead, you have what is known as an oval-shaped face. Adding volume above the jawline is the best bet here, so perhaps a short bob or some other kind of short style with plenty of volumes should do the trick.

Above are just the rule of thumb but this does not mean that you cannot try out some other wigs to see if they suit you. There is always the chance that a certain style and shape of wig will surprise you and look great with your face shape.