How to Get Better Flavor from your E-cig

Most Vapers want to blow humongous clouds. There is nothing wrong with that, but some are more concern with getting better flavor. If you are looking for vivid, robust flavor from a set-up and huge clouds don’t matter to you, you’re in the right place. In this post, we are going to share with you tips to help you maximize the flavor of your e-cig and how to enhance E-Liquid 

  1. Adjust the Wattage and Temperature Settings

Adjusting the temperature settings is the best way to get the most flavors from your e-liquid. This is because different flavors vaporize at different temperatures and your setting will determine how hot the coil will get. This is why it is far more beneficial to have a variable voltage device. Start with lower settings and work your way up until you get the flavor consistency of your choice. Like we said, different flavors vaporize at different temperatures, so you may want to experiment with each flavor.

  1. Reduce the Airflow

When you have a lot air going through your coil, the vapor is less dense but produces huge clouds. Increased air flow will however hider the flavors. So, choosing to close off the airflow is a great way to create denser, warmer vape that carries a lot of flavor. You can easily reduce the airflow if you have adjustable airflow systems on atomizers.

Getting the right balance of air flow is however critical. If the airflow is closed off completely, you will have poor vapor production and the vapor may be too hot. Play around with the airflow settings until you hit the perfect balance for your flavor needs.

It is also worth mentioning that if you close off the airflow in an atomizer head with a wide bore can make the throat hit a bit harsher. To avoid this, choose smaller bore coils ad smaller chambers where possible.

  1. Choose Higher PG Juices

Like most vapers, you may have developed a preferred PG/VG ration for your juices. Cloud chasers prefer high VG juices since they produce thicker vapor and bigger clouds. If you want to maximize flavor, you may want PG flavorings. The only disadvantage of choosing high PG juices is that they produce a harsh throat hit.

  1. Choose a Narrow Bore Drip Tip

Modern tanks and atomizers tend to have larger-bore drip tips which are great for cool vapor and cloud production. This is however not ideal for good flavor. If your tank or atomizer comes with a wide bore drip tip, consider changing it to a narrower-bore one to boost flavor.

  1. Keep Your Wicks, Coils and Tanks Clean

Clean wicks and fresh coils make for better flavor although changing your wicks and coils with every flavor change can be a little bit excessive. But it is a good idea to rinse the coil and wicks after every two days it use. This rinsing will not just improve the flavor you get but also their lifespan.