Misuse of Anabolic Steroids

There is a lot to be said about anabolic steroids. They are the best of the class belong to the AEPDs or appearance and performance enhancing drug. Since anabolic steroid belongs to the category of AEPD, it is sure to help in muscle and body building, gains mass and enhances the sporty performances in males. Although it is said that anabolic if you buy anabolic steroids and start consuming it, it can bring an effect in your mood directly or indirectly. But, it will never take you to a euphoric level. Sometimes, users may get into the habit of it. So, before you buy anabolic steroids USA, make sure that you are aware of its misuse.

Why anabolic steroids are misused?

Along with the weight training if you take in anabolic steroids, it helps you gain mass. However, most non-athletic weightlifters get into the habit of consuming anabolic steroids only to improve their appearance. Steroids are often connected to a disorder in the male body known as dysmorphia. Dysmorphia is a bodily condition where a person is completely preoccupied with the inadequate size of his body and muscles.

There are some steroid users who prefer taking anabolic steroids to increase their confidence. This happens because often people feel weak and small. They consider themselves not up to the mark. Hence, they feel that a large muscular size can give them the confidence and people may take them seriously too. Honestly, this is all in the mind. True that anabolic steroids can help you get into a muscular physic but at the same time, it can cause you serious health hazards.

Once you increase the mass of your muscles, you get a lot of strength that you can put into the improvement of sporty performances. Also, a lot of benefits are noticed for sport activities that require flexibility, agility, speed and tolerance.

The people who are the users of anabolic steroids have given a positive nod. They have reported that their muscles recover quickly after any muscle injury or intense strain in the muscles. Unfortunately, upon this point of view, a research was conducted on animals. The results were not very satisfying. In some animals, a speedy recovery has been noticed from muscle damage, while in some others, no benefit was seen. So, this remains still a controversy as to whether anabolic steroids really contribute to quick healing process.

The users of anabolic steroids further reports that on an average, they use 11 AEPDs per year. However, the anabolic steroid users are more like to take in supplements of proteins, carbs, and the like. Since they develop a habit of taking anabolic steroid for muscle gain, they believe that other important components of the body too can be sufficed by supplements. But the truth is, the less you consume AEPDs, the better it is for your health. Nothing can be better than natural fruits and vegetables. In fact, none can take that place as well. And, regarding your appearance, you are beautiful the way you are!