The Life Style You Need to Adapt After Bariatric Surgery

Bariatric surgery is the ultimate solution to be free from the health issues associated with obesity. You improve your cardiovascular health, get rid of possibilities of having severe diabetes symptoms and even get relief from joint pain.

To lose surplus weight of the body isn’t an easy task. People suffering from overweight issues try all means to reduce fatty tissues. Unfortunately, all of them aren’t successful even after starving for months, thus the only remaining mode is to opt for bariatric surgery which to an extent is a permanent solution to escape from obesity.

However, after the surgery, the person needs to opt for living different lifestyle. In the aftercare period you need to take care of your health and try not again to gain weight.

Here are few ways to take care of yourself after the surgery:

  • Your dietician can help you listing the best nutrition plan for you to follow in the post care session. It would include to intake required amount of protein, vitamins, calcium and other minerals for helping the body to heal from the surgery as well as regain the lost energy. You need to take calcium and protein supplements for a long time. Normally protein intake is of 60 to 80 grams a day. Thus, you need to include it in your every meal. Vitamin B12 and Vitamin D are the essential nutrients to be included in your daily diet.
  • Regular exercises are of great help to stay active, keep your mind calm and for preventing accumulation of non-required fat in the body. You can do yoga, meditation, walking, swimming and even play your favourite outdoor game daily. You need to do the exercises for at least half an hour daily. Walking or swimming can be continued after few weeks of surgery. To join gym, you need to take advise of your medical practitioner as your body may need more time to heal properly.

  • Fried food and meals rich in fat should be avoided. Even sugary food items like candies, ice cream and sugar bars are totally banned for you. Items having refined carbohydrates like pasta, noodles, white bread and cake need to be avoided.
  • Having adequate sleep and keeping your mind calm is quite essential. To regain your strength the need to have restful sleep is important. It will be helpful to evade depression, one of the prime reasons to eat excessive food for some people.
  • You need to drink water at least 5 to 6 litres a day. Dehydration is the common cause for you to get readmitted in hospital. It occurs when your body doesn’t get adequate amount of fluid. It will be helpful not to take heavy beverage, instead you can have fresh fruit juice. Even caffeine needs to be avoided for the first month.

Life after lihavuusleikkaus can be lived happily if you follow the instructions of your medical consultant and your dietician strictly.

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