What Everyone Ought To Know About Breathing

It is said that breathing brings life to you. Breathing is a necessity and we cannot survive without it even for a few minutes. Modern science has revealed that this breathing process not only exist at Lungs but also goes to the cellular level. We need oxygen to break down food at a cellular level whereas carbon dioxide is released as a byproduct of this breakdown.  And this oxygen is brought to cells by the action of the lungs.

So, any disease related to lungs causes gasping of air and makes cells deprived of a proper amount of oxygen to break down the food which eventually results in weakness. But sometimes it is not all about disease, having excess fat or being out of body shape can also cause this gasping of air. But this doesn’t appear until we do a strenuous exercise or any hard work addition to normal routine, because this strenuous work leads to a greater demand of energy and to produce this excess energy our body needs excess oxygen, and here the problem starts, not being able to draw enough oxygen leads to lethargy and weakness. But if we do these strenuous activities on regular basis it not only makes our body in shape but also makes our breathing efficient leading to an improved cellular respiration.

Breathing and Brain

In our body, every cell needs oxygen, and in out of all these brain cells are the most important one which requires oxygen three times more as compared to muscle cells. Therefore, if the brain gets a little less oxygen than normal, it leads to major problems including dementia, poor judgment, and lack of coordination. Therefore, proper breathing is necessary for every organ, especially the brain.

Tips for Better Breathing

Good Posture: As we age our lungs function deteriorates especially after 30 years. It may be due to bad posture because as we age our upper spine increases in the curve in about 10 degrees by the age of 60 years due to loss of strength in ligaments and muscles surrounding the spine. This increased curve put pressure on lungs and deteriorates their function. To avoid this, keeping a good posture can decrease this risk to the minimum.

According to Dr. David A. Shapiro, a chiropractor at Complete Spine Solutions in Tucker, GA, our upper spine, the area that surrounds the lungs, usually changes in shape as we age. As a result, we take shorter, shallower breaths. We get winded faster than when we were younger, because our body has to work much harder to get the same amount of oxygen to the blood.”

Environment: Air in our environment must be cleaned and fresh to be inhaled for a better respiration and this is a clear fact, now a day, that fresh air is essential for our lungs and polluted air negatively affects our lungs due to industrial pollutants, synthetic fragrances, and chemical gases. The best solution for this is plants. Plants are our best breathing partners as they accept carbon dioxide and release oxygen. So having some plants in-house can be very beneficial for us.

Exercise: No one can deny the importance of exercise. Some stretching lung exercise can enhance the lung capacity. For this, inhale slowly through the nose while putting a hand on the abdomen and then exhale through lips while pushing abdomen inwards to empty lungs completely.

Therefore, by following better breathing techniques, we can keep our lungs healthy leading to a proper cellular respiration which keeps us fit and healthy.